would you still love me?

"Would You Still Love Me?" is a short film created in 2017-2018 for my senior thesis project. 

For this film, I wanted to capture the insecurities and intimacy of early relationships. The question, "would you still love me if...?" is often something couples ask each other - it sometimes can be something simple as "would you still love me if I got bad acne?" to something more serious. This film focuses more on the former.

I wanted to capture the naivety of early relationships and chose my art style to look like construction paper and crayola marker as I wanted to emulate a child-like innocence. For the overall look, I wanted the film to appear as stop-motion cut paper as possible without actually using scissors and paper once. To get the overall look, I took high quality photos of construction paper and brought them into Adobe Photoshop. I then used a texture pencil brush to draw my characters over the construction paper and I used the lasso tool to simulate cutting the paper into shapes. Then, I animated the assets in After Effects, often using the toggle hold keyframe and posturize time to get a stop-motion feel.  

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