Hi! I'm Zoë.

Motion Designer currently living in Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

I have animated with: Discovery Communications,, Orange Element, Fifteen Four, HackStone Media

My notable clients include: NPR, Victims of Communism, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Johns Hopkins University, Walgreens, Ciena, ASBMB, Eat the Earth LLC, Dream Bigger Media Group

When it comes to my art, I focus a lot on shape language, silhouette, and color. I love to create animations + illustrations that are full of life and uniquely stylized. In animation, I most enjoy creating short-form content for social media + explainer videos, and have currently developed an interest in animated music videos.

I am a huge nerd for good fantasy movies, color theory, and vegan baking. If I’m not animating, I’m most likely snuggling with my two cats or reading my newest subscription from Book of the Month.

You can contact me at for freelance inquiries. Resume available upon request.